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समाचार अद्यतन

स्मारक सिक्के और पदक

उचित यूनिट लिंक पर क्लिक करें और बुकिंग करें।

  • भारत सरकार टकसाल (मुंबई)
  • भारत सरकार टकसाल (कोलकाता)
  • भारत सरकार टकसाल (हैदराबाद)


चलार्थ पत्र मुद्रणालय, नासिक

बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास

Security Printing Press (Hyderebad)

Security Paper Mil (Narmadapuram)

भारत प्रतिभूति मुद्रणालय, नासिक


भारत सरकार टकसाल (मुंबई)

भारत सरकार टकसाल (कोलकाता)

भारत सरकार टकसाल (हैदराबाद)

भारत सरकार टकसाल, नोएडा

फोटो गैलरी

'CFO OF THE YEAR' award to Shri Ajay Agarwal, Director (Finance) and CFO, SPMCIL

SPMCIL Celebrate International Women's Day 2022

Official Language Conference

HR Activities

8th Interaction Meeting conducted through VC on 10th and 11th November,2020 with SC,ST,OBC representative

Constitution Day celebration in SPMCIL and its Units

A three days Orientation Program was organised for the newly Promoted Executives of SPMCIL from Executives of SPMCIL 08th to 10th December 2020

Our Heritage

SPMCIL though a new entity is composed of units that have a rich & long history of handling the security printing & minting in the nation.

18th Century- Minting of coins started at Calcutta Mint. In 1790 modern machinery was brought from England and second Mint was established. Bronze, silver and Gold coins were getting Minted from these mints.

1918- British sovereign were minted during 1918 as the Mint in Mumbai was declared as branch of Royal Mint of London.