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Gold Certified Reference Material (CRM)

The Bhartiya Nirdeshak Dravya (BND- 4201) the country’s own first high purity of 9999 fineness Gold Certified Reference Materials by India Government Mint, Mumbai (IGM- A unit of SPMCIL). BND-4201 is the collaboration among IGM, BARC-NCCCM, Hyderabad and CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. The success of BND-4201 is a result of the hard work done by the scientists of MINT, BARC-NCCCM and CSIR-NPL.

Currently the gold reference materail is imported. Development of this reference material indigenously will add to the 'Make in India' campaign of Government of India and sahll save foreign exchange as well as minimize dependency of foreign countries.

The BND-4201 is be utilized by jewelers’ bullion dealers, hallmarking centers and refineries for calibration. This development will be beneficial to the consumers and public at large to ensure purity of gold.

For more details please contact India Govt. Mint, Mumbai at 022-22623696 or write to us on

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